Health and Safety
Metro Realty & Brokers is committed to ensuring that a safe workplace remains our highest priority. Safety is a fundamental component of MRB’s principles and culture. Our goal is to make every project accident-free. This commitment extends to all employees, clients and vendors.
At MRB, there is critical risk assessment of all high, medium and low risk tasks before commencement of such tasks. Furthermore, MRB utilizes safety training and education as well as site inspections towards ensuring workplace safety. MRB is dedicated to providing an environment from which each person can safely return home every day.

At MRB, we endeavor to preserve the well-being of our environments while diligently adhering to the rules and regulations of jurisdictions where we operate. We monitor and minimize waste while ensuring that raw materials and energy are used efficiently. In addition, MRB subscribes to sustainability principles and recycles whenever possible.

Social Responsibility
At MRB, we are committed to the growth and empowerment of our people and to human resources practices based on excellence, fair treatment and equal opportunity. We recognize that our people are the most critical element in achieving our mission.
MRB has adopted a proactive stance towards encouraging social development. We are committed to providing leadership to the construction and realty industries and to the host communities in which we do business. MRB actively seeks opportunities to create measurable differences in the future of people and communities. Towards this, MRB established the “Shelter-for-All” Project aimed at the provision of massive low cost housing estates nationwide.